AC&A Elevates Pokemon TCG Online with Comprehensive Design Audit and Mentorship

AC&A collaborated with the team at Pokemon to optimize Pokemon TCG Online. The engagement encompassed everything from core game loop analysis to a comprehensive monetization review.

The scope of AC&A’s involvement was multifaceted:

  • Conducted a deep-dive analysis of the core game loop, benchmarking it against leading titles in the TCG/CCG (trading/collectible card game) market.
  • Developed a retention and re-engagement plan targeting genre and demographic specifics.
  • Identified inefficiencies in monetization and proposed remedies.
  • Recommended revisions to streamline the account creation process and improve a previously low FTUE completion rate.

AC&A provided Pokemon with actionable insights and a roadmap for enhancing both user experience and revenue generation, strengthening Pokemon TCG Online’s position in the competitive card game marketplace.

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