Data Engineering and Dashboarding on Major Live Titles

Structured Big Data for up to 6 games, spanning billions of unstructured and unaggregated data entries for millions of players over the course of 5+ year and built optimization and aggregations processes custom queries and In-depth dashboarding on 4 levels for each games (Operational, Tactical, Strategical and Corporate).

Scope of Work Delivered:

  • Project Management
  • ETL Pipeline Assessment, Design and Development
  • Evaluation of game analytics and recommendations to resolve data inconsistencies and missing data
  • Analytics assessments and validation, including core products and DLC 
  • Dashboard Design and Development
    • High Level Executive Dashboards and KPIs
    • Game specific dashboards
  • Systems and infrastructure analysis of the data architecture that included:
    • Bigquery
    • APIs and Services
    • Compute Engine
    • Cloud Storage
    • VPC Network
    • Kubernetes Engine clusters
  • Retention KPI Development
  • Validation of anonymization mechanisms for personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Implementation of new ETL pipeline, including integration of DBT 
  • Data Modeling, design and development
  • Comprehensive Analytics Facilities & BI Assessment, covering 3 primary dimensions
    • Data Quality
    • Data Governance
    • Data Architecture
  • Operational Systems Assessment, including assessment and recommendations for Product Lifecycle Processes

Restructuring the billions of lines of data allowed Avalanche Studios Group to use their collected knowledge to learn about player’s behaviors and optimize their games. The tools and dashboard developed are used for 6 different live games and serve as a model for upcoming project’s Dashboarding.

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