AC&A Delivered Data Analyst Training & Mentorship to 5th Planet Games

AC&A effectively enhanced the skill set of a Data Analyst at 5th Planet Games, enabling them to be a more effective Product Manager. The specialized training aimed to bridge the existing gap between the game team and metrics, fortifying the company's data-driven approach to game development.

Scope of Work Delivered:

  • Initial Assessment: Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the current state of the game, establishing an initial Product Management plan and elucidating its relevance to the project.
  • KPI Audit: Ensured the accurate implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and conducted an initial snapshot for benchmarking.
  • Sprint Review: Prioritized feature development in upcoming sprints and clarified the cause and effect of suggested changes.
  • KPI Focus: Identified and detailed the top KPIs relevant to the role, explaining how they should be measured, best practices, and acceptable benchmarks.
  • Funnel Analysis: Assisted in analyzing changes in player behavior based on available data.
  • Reporting: Developed a developer-friendly template for daily or weekly reporting to the game team.
  • Query Design: Formulated stock queries for regular use, ensuring the necessary data hooks were in place.
  • Milestone Reviews: Took part in reviews to assess the success and implementation of the training program.

The successful completion of this engagement added significant value to 5th Planet Games by fostering a more data-driven approach to game development and decision-making.

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