Ocellus Studio Engages AC&A for In-Depth Market Analysis of Upcoming Game Concept

AC&A was contracted by Ocellus Studio to perform a comprehensive market analysis for an upcoming game. The analysis included a deep dive into market trends, competitor features, and business models to strategically position the game for success.

In order to help position the game for a successful launch, AC&A provided the following services to Ocellus:

  • Conducted a robust analysis to assess the market opportunity for the game concept.
  • Compared key features of the game against market-leading titles to identify competitive edges and areas for improvement.
  • Provided an overview of current mobile platform trends, including prevalent business models, download growth statistics, and revenue benchmarks.
  • Analyzed the proposed game design, highlighting essential features and identifying gaps based on market demands.
  • Offered a detailed look at the virtual market, focusing on collectibles and comparable models.
  • Carried out  a 70 page comprehensive analysis of comparable game titles in order to gather insights that were applied to the concept’s design and development.

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