Nice Gang LLC Partnered with AC&A for Comprehensive Game Development and Market Launch Support

AC&A partnered with Nice Gang LLC to offer in-depth support for the development and successful market introduction of an upcoming mobile game. The collaboration aimed to educate & empower Nice Gang leadership with industry best practices and benchmarks for game performance.

In this engagement, AC&A provided the following services:

  • Briefed Nice Gang’s leadership on key competitors in the mobile game market, providing insights into scalability options for post-launch profitability.
  • Delivered industry-leading benchmarks for game KPIs, aiding in accurate financial modeling and market comparison.
  • Conducted an in-depth analysis of mobile platform trends, which included business models, download growth statistics, and revenue benchmarks.
  • Performed a comprehensive market analysis, focusing on the opportunity for mobile Squad RPGs, including the potential for expansion into the Asian market as well as  integration of physical game components.
  • Provided revenue and installation projections, advertising CPM estimates, and a thorough identification of key risks and threats.
  • Guided Nice Gang leadership on the optimal game genre, in order to maximize development ROI and success on the future launch
  • Created a framework for identifying development partners and provided introductions to key partners ultimately leading to a successful partnership agreement for the founders

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