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Casual Connect, July 26, 2012.

Please excuse spelling mistakes and the rough nature of this post as our updates during the IGDA Summit and Casual Connect this week are pretty much liveblogged. This session just ended.


  • Stephanie Kaiser, Product Lead, wooga
  • Timo Dries, Product Manager, wooga 


  • Half mobile, half FB in terms of teams
  • 70% of wooga players are women

 Monster World on Facebook

  • Gradual DAU build up

 Diamond Dash

  • Huge DAU spike around launch due to Apple featuring it

 Main KPIs and Retention

Day 1:

  • Is this good for me?
  • Am I good at this?
  • What is next?

Monster World

  • Retention starts at day 1
  • Loading screen shows up what game looks like, draw player in
  • Users can’t fail in tutorial
  • User needs reason to get back to the game (appointment mechanic)
  • Foreshadow with mail from stork, get player intrigued
  • User testing and A/B testing for tweaking day 1 experience
  • Measure everything
  • Define important KPI and define feature around it

Day to day:

  • Focus on social relevance
  • Update games constantly
  • Implement new mechanics that are tied into core game loop
  • Incentivize use of FB Connect on mobile

Diamond Dash Mobile

  • 64% of users use FB connect
  • Those that do are:
  • More engaged
  • 8x more likely to pay
  • Pay 50% more when they do
  • DAU curve went up when magic powers were added

Monster World

  • Users that don’t have missions are less likely to come back


  • Love is the most important metric
  • Player needs to feel your love
  • DSU (daily smiling users)
  • Use numbers to optimize the game
  • Money is not enough (players need more rewards that just in-game currecny
  • We are competing with players for their coffee breaks, competing with non-app content on Facebook like youtube links
  • Love can be created with things as simple as little animations and details that bring the game and characters to life
  • Love is not quantifiable, have to go with your gut feeling
  • heart + brain = interesting game

Wooga’s presentation was very funny and personable – Timo pointed out that by the end of it, there was love.