AC&A Transforms Napkin Idea into Grizzly Force, a Market-Leading, On-Demand Staffing Platform

AC&A partnered with the founders of Grizzly Force to turn a simple idea into a pioneering on-demand staffing platform. Starting from scratch, AC&A built the development team, designed the user interface, developed the product, and successfully launched Grizzly Force.

Over the course of the engagement, AC&A achieved significant milestones:

  • Assembled the initial development team, including programmers and UI artists.
  • Crafted an intuitive, user-friendly design that simplifies the staffing process.
  • Developed the core platform to allow 24/7 job postings and real-time position filling.
  • Guided the product through to market launch, cementing its status as a leader in on-demand labor.
  • Handled backend automation for payroll, deductions, and insurance to ease administrative hassles for businesses.

Today, Grizzly Force operates as a market leader, often described as the “Uber for day laborers,” a testament to AC&A’s capability to bring groundbreaking ideas to fruition.

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