City Football Group, Owners of Renowned Football Clubs, Partnered with AC&A for Fan Engagement and Global Strategy

City Football Group (CFG) is the principal organization owning globally celebrated soccer clubs Manchester City and New York City FC. CFG teamed up with AC&A to innovate game concepts aimed at boosting app engagement and fan satisfaction worldwide. Special attention was given to emerging markets and creating a unified fan experience.

During the collaboration, AC&A achieved the following:

  • Developed and proposed multiple unique game concepts, each focused on increased app engagement and worldwide fan satisfaction.
  • Performed a demographic analysis that ensured concepts could be tailored for emerging markets where traditional rewards and betting aren’t feasible.
  • Outlined comprehensive meta-game strategies that included both in-app economies and links to real-world rewards.
  • Implemented KPIs and metrics dashboards, facilitating ongoing evaluation of fan engagement.
  • Offered strategic advice to CFG during their concept selection process.
  • Carried out  a competitive app analysis, laying a robust foundation for CFG’s global fan engagement strategies.
  • Created a foundational RFP document that outlined potential costs for implementation of a concept idea, allowing them to carry out prioritization and ROI analysis internally

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