BitOGenius Inc. Collaborates with AC&A to Enhance Engagement and Monetization for Pixicade

AC&A partnered with BitOGenius Inc. for a three-month engagement aimed at boosting both user engagement and monetization for their dual physical and digital product, Pixicade.

AC&A concentrated on several key areas to achieve the project goals:

  • Conducted an in-depth analysis of existing user research reports, generating analytics questions to guide potential engagement and monetization strategies.
  • Worked closely with BitOGenius to define personas of likely Pixicade spenders based on various criteria such as entry points, ages, and use cases.
  • Developed a nuanced pricing strategy catering to identified personas, ensuring that it complements both physical and future product lines without alienating current customers.
  • Highlighted a framework for increasing engagement across all player cohorts through a progress-system overhaul
  • Identified and documented feature updates and monetization avenues based on forecasted ROI, targeting free players while maintaining the goodwill of both parents and players.
    • Designed a subscription-based premium tier option that provided incremental revenue to customers with a high amount of customer retention and positive sentiment
    • Found avenues to capture additional revenue by converting free users to paid subscribers

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