Adobe Taps AC&A for Analysis of Hyper-Casual Mobile Game Market

AC&A joined forces with Adobe to offer expert design and product management services aimed at bringing Adobe up to speed on the hyper-casual mobile game arena. A specific focus was on increasing brand awareness and social engagement through gaming.

During the course of our engagement, AC&A provided a multifaceted approach:

  • Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the hyper-casual mobile game market, offering insights into best practices and the strategies of industry leaders.
  • Created a framework for game concept ideation that aligns with Adobe’s goals for brand awareness and social engagement.
  • Recommended key social features, including user-generated content to promote Adobe’s products and use cases effectively.
  • Established benchmark KPIs for the targeted genre and demographic, while educating the Adobe team on vital metrics and enabling self-sufficiency post-engagement.
  • Delivered documentation and guidance to Adobe’s development team and artists for the implementation of the proposed solutions and feature enhancements.

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