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We recently conducted a design leadership engagement for Aspyr Media’s hit game Sushi Mushi that resulted in huge increases for several of the game’s KPIs.  Check out this infographic below, and be sure to scroll down for more details about how we achieved these results with Aspyr’s team.

[Click to zoom image]Sushi Mushi Case Study Infographic


[Download the infographic PDF]

Design Leadership

Aspyr Media asked us to evaluate their design strategy for Sushi Mushi with a focus on improving monetization as well as retention and engagement.

Our engagement began with a thorough evaluation of Sushi Mushi that compared all aspects of the game to market leaders in the genre. In our 30 page design audit we identified areas in which Sushi Mushi did not meet or exceed the industry standard for success, citing examples from market leaders where relevant.

Deep Game Metrics Analysis

We used deep metrics analysis to identify missed monetization opportunities and underperforming elements. Where applicable, we presented analysis of real users to illustrate where in the player lifecycle revenue was being unrealized and presented solutions to increase ARPU and conversion gains. We continued to provide further design documentation and leadership as our recommendations were implemented.

Monetization, Pacing & Flow Optimization

As a result of our analysis, we introduced new game difficulty and pacing algorithms to optimize monetization performance and player retention. This lead to a dramatic increase in ARPU and conversion rates when coupled with purchase flow optimizations and monetization best practices.

Art & UI Improvements

In addition to game design, UI and UX elements were heavily scrutinized and compared to industry leaders. Our analysis and recommendations resulted in an across the board refresh of visual styling that brought the visual appeal of Sushi Mushi to the same level as industry leaders. Additional metrics analysis allowed us to identify the audience with which we had the most success, greatly informing style guidelines and improving retention in our target demographic.

Our work with Aspyr was our most common type of client engagement: Design Leadership. By embedding with their team at the outset of the contract, Wes built a strong rapport that continued throughout the following months when he worked offsite. Aspyr was thrilled with the results AC&A delivered, writing a glowing testimonial to that effect.

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