LemonChili Games needed help improving monetization of their soft-launched game, Floyd’s Sticker Jam.

Floyd’s Sticker Jam had novative game mechanics and compelling gameplay but failed to convert players. The team felt that the monetization and game economy was too weak for the game to be successful.

LemonChili Games Case Study

AC+A’s analysis ultimately revealed that the low player conversion rate was primarily due to a very intense content churn and lack of elder game content. AC+A provided mentorship and assistance to LemonChili in expanding their systems to extend the lifetime of their game and balance their economy.

As a result of AC+A’s expertise, LemonChili saw their first players conversions from their early iterations. Following AC+A’s recommendations, LemonChili built a strong metagame by capitalizing on the game’s key strengths. These are the features that will sustain the game for a long time.