Services | Adrian Crook & Associates


Design Audits (short term)

  • 2-4 week detailed analysis of game design document and/or game build
  • Covers core game loop, meta-game, AEM*, onboarding, freemium mechanics
  • Advantage: For late-stage or in-market games needing sanity check or turnaround
  • Deliverable: ~25pg doc prioritizing areas to be addressed

Design Leadership (part time, ongoing)

  • Design oversight/support for client’s internal designers on project, on monthly basis
  • Transfer freemium and/or mobile design expertise to client’s internal team
  • Advantage: We track with product development, ensuring design adapts properly
  • Deliverable: Calls, IM, co-authoring of docs, templates, coaching

Full Game Design (full time)

  •  Concept-to-completion game design, on-site or remote
  • Design right through to implementation, metrics feedback, resulting revisions
  • Advantage: Unified vision, high quality design, deep integration of client goals
  • Deliverable: implemented design, launched product, live tweaks


 *Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization