Design Leadership
(part time, ongoing)

Design oversight/support for client’s internal designers on project, on monthly basis

Transfer freemium and/or mobile design expertise to client’s internal team

Advantage: We track with product development, ensuring design adapts properly

Deliverable: Calls, IM, co-authoring of docs, templates, coaching


Full Game Design
(full time)

Concept-to-completion game design, on-site or remote

Design right through to implementation, metrics feedback, resulting revisions

Advantage: Unified vision, high quality design, deep integration of client goals

Deliverable: implemented design, launched product, live tweaks

 *Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization


Design Audits
(short term)

2-4 week detailed analysis of game design document and/or game build

Covers core game loop, meta-game, AEM*, onboarding, freemium mechanics

Advantage: For late-stage or in-market games needing sanity check or turnaround

Deliverable: ~25pg doc prioritizing areas to be addressed

Adrian Crook & Associates also offers specialized services for clients with unique needs and projects, such as:

Expert Witness

Legal representation as an expert witness

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality software and the Oculus Rift headset

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What our clients say about us

  • "I can say with confidence that AC+A's perspectives will absolutely have an impact on our future direction. I would recommend AC+A to any groups thinking about F2P and looking for some expert council on building and taking to market a winner!"
    Deepa Arora, Director of Emerging MarketsDeepa Arora, Director of Emerging MarketsEA SPORTS
  • "Adrian is my go-to guy whenever I get in a pinch and need someone to come in and drive an emergency project — regardless of scope or subject matter. He’s also the right guy to put in front of top industry execs to pitch, brainstorm, or suss out a project’s milestone plan, product goals, or design strategy."
    Michael Waite, Executive ProducerMichael Waite, Executive ProducerZynga
  • "I can’t say enough good things about working with Adrian. He’s the first person I’ll call if I need an experienced game designer to support our team or our project. He is a talented and creative game designer with an amazing attitude, and he consistently delivered great results on-time."
    Gary Gettys, Executive ProducerGary Gettys, Executive ProducerZynga
  • "I loved working with Adrian. Partnering creatively is rarely easy, especially without an existing relationship, but Adrian made it a great experience. He challenged us when appropriate, contributed great ideas and stimulated a level of design I think not possible for us to achieve on our own."
    Ryan Cleven, Executive ProducerRyan Cleven, Executive ProducerMicrosoft
  • "Working with AC+A allowed us to clarify key issues with our game design while we were still early enough in the development process to make changes. Because of the specific recommendations we received from Jordan, our game is both more fun for players and able to monetize those players more effectively."
    Richard Barnwell, CEORichard Barnwell, CEODigit Gaming
  • "I can't imagine where we'd be without Adrian Crook. We've found his clarity and candor to be refreshing and invaluable no matter what phase of the project he's involved in. He is also incredibly connected and has a deep list of all star talent to call upon should the need arise."
    Kerry Choe, Project ManagerKerry Choe, Project ManagerBinary Event Network