Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect is the official multi-episode game based on the award-winning TV show. Its creators, Orpheus Interactive Inc., needed extensive high-level documentation of their game in order to secure a broadcast license from Fox Television. They brought AC+A on board for their design expertise and deep familiarity with the mobile game market.

Sons of Anarchy

AC+A’s Solutions

After several rounds of intensive discussion and collaboration with Orpheus’s team, AC+A created the needed documentation in the form of a Game Design Document (GDD) and PowerPoint presentation, which were ultimately presented to the decision-makers at Fox during the IP negotiation phase.


The narrative, mechanics and systems described in the design documentation and presentation materials were instrumental in helping Orpheus secure the Sons of Anarchy license from Fox. After the license was obtained, the Orpheus team retained AC+A for crucial follow-up services as The Prospect took off, including the following:

  • Performing competitive analysis and IP research
  • Writing high-level game design systems documents, including interactive dialogue, motorcycle driving, and shooting
  • Collaborating with Orpheus Interactive team members on story and scenario ideas
  • Assisting with project planning and anticipating staffing requirements
  • Support in securing various funding sources
Sons Of Anarchy The Prospect
Sons Of Anarchy The Prospect
Sons of Anarchy The Prospect