Nanoreality Games engaged AC+A to address issues with My Nano World

Nanoreality Games’ My Nano World had briefly been in soft launch, but the KPIs that they were seeing didn’t line up with the company expectations. My Nano World had a fairly standard core loop, but was suffering a bit from both a lack of identity, as well as a weak onboarding funnel. These elements added up and created a dramatic “stickiness” of the overall product.

Nanoreality Games Case Study

AC+A suggested fairly aggressive revisions to the onboarding process, as well as a plan going forward to focus on 2-3 major issues and address them in order to get back to a soft launch. The final step was to respond to the incurred incoming data.

As a result of the engagement, NanoReality Games was able to move forward with a prioritized set of changes and tasks that AC+A felt would provide them with the most traction for the development effort involved.