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In this post the newest member of the AC&A crew Sandra Wong explains how a social casino game designer can help you.

The title is very niche, so with this post I wanted to share a bit more in depth as to what a social casino game designer might help you with. Like other game designers who design for other target audiences, a social casino game designer simply focuses their game design on the casino players market. Casino game players include but are not limited to poker players, slots players, black jack players, bingo players, fantasy sports etc.

My primary goal is to make sure your social casino game integrates the psychology of casino players, casual gamer behaviors and the players wants and needs right into the fabric of your game design process. By doing this, your social casino game will provide players with the best experience possible on any device they choose. Your game will be tuned to appeal to a target audience on a psychological level while ensuring you have the highest retention and monetization rates possible in a social casino game.

  • Areas a social casino game designer can help with:
  • Casino branding, style guide & logo design
  • Market positioning / brand extension consulting
  • Optimized designs to target specific goals such as monetization, engagement, data collection etc.
  • Customized social casino user experience (UX) design
  • Customized social casino user interface (UI) design to be responsive on different devices
  • Design audits of current games design / optimization recommendations
  • Improve on products to maximize the LTV (lifetime value)
  • Data analytics analysis
  • Loyalty program creation / promotional strategies
  • Casino game balancing & virtual economies
  • Social casino marketing materials & ad creation/copy writing
  • A/B testing of ad design/copy
  • Design & setup of Facebook Appcenter and related social graphics
  • Landing pages, Facebook chat walls, Email campaigns & other related marketing media optimization for acquisition/conversion of casino game players.
  • Proposal and sales support media creation for funding/investments pitches (customize game design documents, poker rooms, slot machine concepts etc.)

There are many key elements that need to fit together to make your casino game the best it can be on a social network. The social gaming industry moves fast and having a solid working plan guided by experts in this field is a great place to start.

If you are interested or already building a social game or an online casino and need to get it on the right track, please email us with more details of your project.

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