A partnership from early concept through to a 4.8 (and growing) app store rating

First time game maker LBC Studios partnered with AC&A in 2015 to create what became Hempire, the world’s greatest weed growing game! AC&A leveraged key expertise in freemium design, networking, team building, and product management leadership, helping to grow LBC from 2 founders to over 40 employees today.

Team and Resource Building: AC&A assisted LBC in all aspects of team building, from establishing a local leadership team to securing a deal with an international development studio to act as the core development and art team.  AC&A provided ongoing support in talent networking, candidate interviewing, and hiring, resulting in LBC growing to become a 40+ person development studio comprised of over a dozen industry vets and up-and-comers.

Design: With the assistance of LBC’s subject matter experts, AC&A sourced quality designers, onboarded them, and led the early design concepts to create Hempire’s original gameplay systems and economy. Hempire currently boasts an average 4.8 rating in both the Google Play and iTunes app stores, making it the leader in its genre and subject, even against titles with powerful intellectual properties attached.

Product Management: AC&A performed regular audits of the gameplay and monetization systems while providing holistic support in design and project management, supporting Hempire’s impressive KPI performance. Hempire boasts leading KPIs for the farming/building-genre (and in some cases, genre-exceeding), for D1, D7, and D30 Retention, conversion to paying players, and average purchase price.

“AC&A were instrumental in bringing Hempire to reality. We brought the passion, they brought the expertise, and two years later with Hempire we have the highest rated weed growing game anywhere. It has massive potential and we are incredibly proud of it!”
– Dennis Molloy, President, LBC Studios

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