AC&A has been a part of Hard|Ware since it was an idea sharing a garage with the founder’s car. The developer, Blackbird Interactive, was founded by Rob Cunningham, former Art Director of Relic Entertainment and one of the principals on the iconic Homeworld franchise.

Hard|Ware, Blackbird’s first title, is a next-generation social game designed to bring AAA quality to a mid-core social game experience. AC&A did the following for Blackbird:

  • Forecasted revenues and traffic using our internally-developed model
  • Chinese market research & entry strategy proposal
  • Drafted a marketing plan that made most effective use of limited funding
  • Secured six-figure marketing funding from the Canada Media Fund (CMF)
  • Administered a closed beta for the Hard|Ware product
  • Provide ongoing product marketing leadership for the product

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