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[This post originally appeared on Adrian Crook’s site.]

With one day down and two to come, Austin GDC is just getting started. Today we snagged video interviews with a couple unique personalities in the free-to-play space, Gene Endrody (Maid Marian) and Mike Zummo (Acclaim).

Behold our mastery of video camera technology!

Gene Endrody, Maid Marian

Gene Endrody is the CEO of Vancouver-based Maid Marian, makers of Sherwood Dungeon – an ad-supported Shockwave MMO with 1.7M unique users a month. Gene talks about Sherwood Dungeon’s international market reach, the introduction of RMT into the game for the first time, player acquisition in an ever-crowded space, why he chose Shockwave and much more.


Mike Zummo, Acclaim

Our second interview is with Mike Zummo, Producer and Director at Acclaim. Mike talks about upcoming Acclaim free-to-play games, balancing community-driven design with corporate goals, creating a Flash-based payment system, an innovative free-to-play Facebook app and more.