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For all who are new here, feel free to read the About section for an introduction to me. For social media links, click on the images at the bottom of this post.

For new and old visitors alike, I thought I’d post a quick rundown of last year’s work, so potential clients can get an idea of what I’ve consulted on over the last year. It was an awesome 2008 – very diverse and engaging, lots of personal learning (and ways to apply old wisdom). Looking forward to an even better ’09.

I can’t name clients of course, but these are some of the projects I worked on in 2008:

  • Original 100 page design of Wii game launching with a major kids movie, Xmas 09
  • Demo design of a PS3/X360 game for a major movie studio’s action franchise
  • Designed flash board game with mini-games for a major hospitality brand
  • Designed and secured funding for a free-to-play kids flash CCG with microtransactions, launching with Cartoon Network TV show this year
  • Reviewed 20+ grant applications for a provincial interactive ministry
  • Designed 2 iPhone games, still in pitch phase
  • Concept design of free-to-play casual MMO for kids to support marketing of the governing body of a major sport
  • Various design work on Facebook games – only one is out yet: Prize Potato
  • Design review for major kids free-to-play casual MMO owned by a big media company

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