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We provide design leadership and economy modeling for Aussie social casino

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve been working over the last year with Virtual Gaming Worlds on their freemium social casino platform Chumba Casino. The project can be best described as an MMO meets social casino. In early 2013, VGW secured $2.6 million USD in funding.

To date we’ve provided the following for Chumba:

  • Competitive analysis of the social casino space on Facebook
  • An in-depth design audit of Chumba Casino, focusing on monetization, virality, engagement, game loops, and onboarding
  • On-going leadership directing VGW’s development team, focusing on social game and free-to-play economy design, and helping them set up and tune their analytics

“Adrian’s team has been extremely helpful in guiding the design and direction of our social casino and virtual world platform. Adrian’s put together a team of really impressive folks that know their stuff inside out, and great to work with!  A+ Highly Recommended!” 
– Laurence Escalante, Founding Director and CEO, Virtual Gaming Worlds

We have a Social Casino Game Designer (and poker champion), Sandra Wong, who can help with your social casino design needs. Check out her highly informative blog post – Why Build a Social Casino?