Remote, Contract (per project)

Since 2008, Adrian Crook & Associates has worked with over 200 freemium game clients, including many of the leading mobile game companies. We are the industry’s longest-running and most experienced consultancy, meaning we’ve worked on every genre out there, with nearly all the big (and small) players. Plus, we’ve always been fully-remote, committed to enabling our Associates to live their best lives while flexing their skill set in a rewarding environment. 

Our services today are laser-focused on providing creative and analytical solutions to optimizing game monetization. By leveraging our deep product management and game design expertise, we deliver improved KPIs for our valued clients’ games. 

Now we’re growing again, and are looking for top-tier freemium Product Managers to join our team. You’re probably already a freelancer, who wants to take on more gigs but are unsure how to find them. Or maybe you don’t enjoy doing your own biz dev (don’t worry, we do!). Working with AC&A lets you retain your freedom to work independently, while taking on great paying engagements with industry-leading clients.  

Skills-wise, you understand the ins and outs of freemium game product management and have a proven track record of bringing multiple titles in a variety of genres, from concept to launch. You know how to model a freemium economy in Excel, deconstruct games, perform market research, set up analytics, analyze KPI trends, and see your recommendations through to implementation to exceed benchmarks in all relevant metrics. 

You are an excellent written and oral communicator and are comfortable co-piloting implementation of your recommendations with development teams, or working independently.

Summary of Qualifications

  • 6+ years as a freemium game product manager or systems designer, with a specific talent for economy design
  • Strong spreadsheet wizardry
  • Thorough understanding and appreciation of game design. As a player, you have a deep understanding of build needs and emotions in the context of a game
  • Incredibly analytical thinking with the ability to break problems down
  • Constantly updated market knowledge that you leverage to improve game 
  • A passion for games in a variety of formats: board games, card games, sports, paper RPGs, gambling, all genres of videogames


  • Fully remote, flexible hours
  • Highly competitive, per-project compensation

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