Remote Work, Hourly, Contract

AC+A delivers industry-leading mobile game design and analysis. While our words are second-to-none, our graphic design talents are closer to second-to-last. We want to change that.

We’re looking for several freelance artists to be available for regular, recurring work on items like:

  • Spiffing up the charts and assembling infographics in our reports
  • Creating better .doc and .ppt templates using our branding
  • Cleaning up our docs’ layouts prior to publishing (i.e. on weekly stuff like Teardown Club)
  • Normalizing the look of all our docs and graphics, creating unity across our materials
  • Just generally making us look like the 21st century digital people we are, visually

So how will this work?

We’ll pass you a doc or Powerpoint we’re about to deliver to a client, you’ll pass us back something that looks a lot better and is in line with our brand and previous client deliveries. Sometimes you’ll be available to do it on the turnaround we need (usually a day or two), sometimes you won’t. We understand. That’s why we’re looking for several great graphic designers.

We’ll pay your hourly rate for relatively quick turnaround – and be very appreciative, to boot. This isn’t a full-time job, but our team will love you as though it was!

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