Remote Work, Hourly, Contract

AC&A delivers industry-leading mobile game design and analysis. For over a decade, we’ve been a leader in freemium game product management, serving over 200 clients.

Because we’re so busy with our work, often it takes us longer than we’d like to tend to our internal tasks. We’re looking for a remote, part time (for now) Business Development & Operations Associate who can help with the following:

  • Drafting client proposals and contracts, ensuring they’re issued in a timely fashion
  • Scheduling interviews with potential Product Management Associates
  • Website copy revisions using WordPress
  • First drafts of blog posts, on occasion, using information provided by Adrian & Associates
  • Monthly newsletter drafts, curating content from sources provided
  • Content marketing strategy and execution on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn
  • Updating document templates, PPTs, PDFs to keep current
  • Working with graphic designer(s) to improve branding on website, reports, etc.

So how will this work?

You’ll work directly with leadership to define the highest priority near-term tasks, either via Zoom or Slack.

We’ll pay an hourly rate for relatively quick turnaround – and be very appreciative, to boot. This isn’t a full-time job (yet) but our team will love you as though it was!

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