Online multiplayer dominates much of modern gaming, but single player apps are still immensely important and have a devoted audience. Do you know what makes solo players tick? Does your pacing take a single player into consideration? At Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A), we provide industry-leading consultation solutions for the design and development of single player apps.

Single Player Apps
Single Player Apps

What are Single Player Apps?

A single player app, or single player game, is any app that primarily caters to users who play alone. They may be exclusively single player, or feature optional multiplayer components. Single player apps tend to rely more heavily on player investment and immersion, like compelling stories and dynamic mechanics that lend themselves to replayability.

When creating single player apps, you must always consider the unpredictability of human players and how they will interact with, and test the boundaries of, your app.

Developing a Single Player App? AC+A Can Help!

At AC+A, our knowledge and experience of single player apps allow us to provide you with the winning insights you need to make your app excel. Our team of product managers and game design consultants can help you set a clearly defined goal for your single player app and tailor elements, like visuals and game mechanics, to bring out those “wow” moments. We’ve been doing this since 2008 and know our stuff, so contact us today.