A finely executed app project can still suffer disappointing results if there is a lack of efficient mechanisms to relay vital information to team members who need it. It is pertinent to remember that communication starts with the project charter and will live through project reviews. At Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A), we provide consulting services that help you create a winning project review plan.

Project Review
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What is Project Review?

Project reviews are often described as status checks. They serve to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the project plan. Key progress deliverables will be monitored, tools that are used to design and build the app will be validated, and timelines will be reviewed. Project reviews may be formal milestone reviews with a project sponsor or team champion, or informal with a project mentor or team leader.

Why Choose AC+A to Help You with Project Reviews?

We all need a helping hand every once in a while and AC+A can provide the guidance you need when navigating the project review maze. Our app design consultants and product managers help your process improvement effort by using best practices for project reviews. Our consultation solutions are designed to ensure that every member on your team is focused on the same goal and working in unison to achieve it.

AC+A was founded in 2008 and we have worked with leading companies like Facebook, Capcom, Ubisoft, The Pokemon Company, and EA. We can help you with your app project reviews too.