Everyone wants to create a successful app, and certainly some app developers use profits generated by their apps as a measure of success. For some, they are constantly asking themselves whether they should charge upfront for their app or not. Is it best to charge upfront? Is a freemium solution better?

At Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A), we provide comprehensive premium/paid app consultation solutions. We don’t decide your app’s monetization for you; the final decision is not up to us. Instead, we want you to have the best understanding of what is right for your business and if going the premium/paid app route is right for you.

Premium Paid App
Premium Paid App

What Is A Premium/Paid App?

Premium/paid apps require an upfront payment before the user can access the full range of its features and services. Compared to freemium apps, premium/paid apps don’t typically have a free component.

With the amount of free apps in the modern app environment today, premium/paid apps are actually considered the underdogs. However, these apps tend to perform very well when they are targeting a pre-existing audience or selling a niche service.

AC+A Can Help With Your Premium/Paid App

At AC+A, we understand that there are so many options to sell your app. With deep analytics and insights, we can make it easier for you to decide which option suits your app best, and if the premium/paid app route is right for you. Since our inception in 2008, our game design consultants and product managers have worked with many leading social, gaming, and mobile app companies, including Facebook, EA, American Express, and The Pokemon Company. Our understanding of mobile app monetization ensures you get the very best consultation for your premium/paid app.