Today, a wide range of individuals are into mobile gaming. Their smart devices are always in their bags or pockets, and they can conveniently access their devices when they are taking a break at work or while commuting. With multiplayer apps, playing games together with friends no matter near or far has never been easier. At Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A), we provide stellar consultation solutions for multiplayer app design and development.

Multiplayer Apps
Multiplayer Apps

What are Multiplayer Apps?

A game that allows more than one player is a multiplayer app. Many of these titles are played over an internet connection (i.e., online multiplayer). Today, most multiplayer apps connect players together through a dedicated multiplayer server, which may even list all the available online games and allow players create a new game or join other players. Each multiplayer app and their respective layout vary. Standard multiplayer apps can support up to 50 players simultaneously, while their mass multiplayer online counterparts can support up to thousands of players or more.

Why Choose AC+A to Help You with Multiplayer Apps?

At AC+A, we can provide you with strategic consulting advice on your multiplayer app project in its early development stages. As we have worked with many leading mobile and social game companies that have launch successful games and franchises, we can give your team an edge with expert insights. Our company was founded in 2008 and we continually strive to collaborate with our clients to get to know their business, understand their industry, and transform their big ideas into memorable experiences.