You can think of a game as a group of interlinked puzzles, where solving one puzzle gives you the clues needed to solve another. These puzzles, the clues they give, and the framework necessary to solve them all make up game mechanics, a crucial component of game design that cannot be ignored. At Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A), we provide winning strategic consulting solutions for game mechanics.

Game Mechanics
Game Mechanics

What are Game Mechanics?

Game mechanics comprise the rules and activities that encourage players to explore a virtual environment and learn what can or cannot be done through various feedback mechanisms. These include all of a game’s laws (and exceptions), outcomes, boundaries, enemies/conflict, resources, objectives, how time flows in-game (real-time vs. turn-based), any random chances (RNG), and more.

Good game mechanics will keep your users coming back for more, strongly incentivizing continued play, and are the cornerstone of any successful game regardless of your app monetization strategy.

AC+A’s Game Mechanics Consulting Can Help You

Founded in 2008, AC+A employs experienced game design consultants able to provide industry leading advice and recommendations on game mechanics. We can help you compare your app against other well-performing titles and study the game mechanics they use to drive success.

Each and every client we serve has their own needs, ideals, and culture, and AC+A takes that all into account. Game mechanics are more than just good business, they’re expressions of art, and we’ve helped popular names like EA, Capcom, The Pokemon Company, and more refine their game mechanics and realize success.