Good game design requires a lot of fine tuning to ensure game components and mechanics are compelling and fun, doubly so in the freemium market where those mechanics turn a free download into profit. You don’t want players to feel frustration and use hacks to overcome prohibitive difficulty, nor do you want your game to be a dull cakewalk. It’s a balancing act, which, unsurprisingly, is what game balancing is all about.

Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) knows all about game balancing and great game design. We’ve provided stellar game balancing consulting to the most well-known names in the business.

Game Balancing

What is Game Balancing?

Game design involves many components, and among the most important is game balancing. It’s easy enough to describe in concept: ensuring your game’s various challenges, playable characters, and selectable options feel “just right” to the player and compared to each other. In practice, game balancing isn’t simple, especially in complex genres like role-playing games. You want your levels to feel challenging enough, but not frustrating; your characters, options, and stats to all have validity while allowing for disparate strategies; and the approaches players can take to all feel valid and enjoyable.

Game Balancing

AC+A Offers Game Balancing Expertise

At AC+A, we pride ourselves as masters of game design and game balancing. Since 2008, we have helped the most well-known developers and publishers balance their games, including EA, Capcom, and The Pokemon Company. Contact us today, because the only thing standing between your game and commercial success might just be proper game balancing.