There are two business models for apps that are proven to turn a profit: apps requiring full payment up front, and freemium apps that are free up front and offer enhanced functionality and features for a price.

Freemium has amazing potential for profit and retention, but it favors apps with a large market over niche ones.

Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) specializes in industry-leading freemium app consulting, and can help you determine if freemium is the right model for you.

Freemium App

What is a Freemium App?

A freemium app is a game or application initially provided free of charge, with advanced features requiring payment. Some freemium apps can be fully enjoyed without paying a dime for a significant time commitment, incentivizing payment; in others, the full feature set requires mandatory payment; others still use different methods (trial periods, free single-player but paid multiplayer, limited bandwidth/storage space, etc.).

The basic premise is the same: a freemium app starts free and requires some sort of monetary investment to unlock its full feature set in a timely manner. The best way for your app to implement freemium is not always clear, and that’s where AC+A comes in.

Freemium App Consulting

AC+A Can Help You Build Your Freemium App

Since 2008, AC+A has helped the biggest names build the best freemium apps, including LEGO, The Pokemon Company, Microsoft Game Studios, Facebook, EA, and American Express.

We know all there is to know about freemium, included best practices and how to get your app or game seen, so contact us today.