Licensing and copyright issues abound in all forms of media, games, and mobile apps. That’s why developers and business owners need access to the right tools to prevent or navigate legal issues. Legal disputes may be unavoidable for some companies, and when said disputes arise, those companies need an expert witness to represent their interests in court. At Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A), we provide expert witness solutions that lead to better outcomes in legal cases.

Expert Witness
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What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is usually called upon in a court of law when expert evidence is required. In many trials, the careful consideration of evidence provided by expert witnesses often leads to just outcomes. Expert witnesses can put forward professional opinions, hard evidence, and technical analysis to assist the court in reaching a decision in your favor.

AC+A Can Help With Your Expert Witness Needs

Our team includes veteran expert witnesses and leading industry experts that can assist app design and development companies with legal matters of any scope. AC+A was established in 2008, and our clients have benefited from our consultation on matters from product development and design to distribution, pricing, marketing, and intellectual property rights. We’ve worked with established companies like LEGO, Sky Sports, EA , Capcom, and Facebook. Our experience and expertise means you can rest easy; we’ll provide exceptional expert witness testimony and represent you in your legal case well.