Your team needs a game designer, or a developer with design leadership. This person must be multi-talented, able to cover more than one role and lend their experience to other teams and multiple aspects of design. But your search for this potential superstar was in vain, and you’re unable to fully take up the position yourself.

Fortunately, you have an edge: Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) specializes in design leadership.

Design Leadership
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What is Design Leadership?

Design leadership is the key to generating innovative design solutions, and includes nurturing and creating an environment of innovation, managing corporate reputation, directing design investment, manifesting strategic intent, and envisioning the future. Design leadership ensures your team is aware of application-building limitations regardless of OS (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), and be more familiar with programming workflow to effectively communicate ideas to programmers.

Why Choose AC+A to Help You with Design Leadership?

AC+A specializes in the delivery of stellar design leadership solutions, able to assist in the development of game design ideas and oversee them from concept to release. We’ve been in the game since 2008, and our clients include names like Facebook, Capcom, Nickelodeon, The Pokemon Company, LEGO, EA, and Ubisoft. No matter what type of game you’re building, AC+A is your go-to for design leadership expertise, actionable advice, and qualified recommendations.