User acquisition & retention are important factors when measuring ROI on your mobile app or game. But while running a successful user acquisition campaign may be your priority, you must not take your users for granted, as they are highly valuable assets.

At Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A), we have a team of experienced user acquisition & retention consultants that can help you streamline the entire process, from campaign implementation to to long-term user retention.

User Acquisition & Retention
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What is User Acquisition & Retention?

When we talk about user acquisition & retention, we’re talking about two closely related components.

User acquisition (UA) is the process of acquiring new users for your product. It’s the strategy for attracting your target audience and convincing them to give your game or app a try. Advertising campaigns and social media engagement are a couple of ways to approach user acquisition. User retention is your product’s ability to retain its users over a specific period of time.

Together, user acquisition & retention are critical components in ensuring your game or app’s success, as without users, even the best, most engaging apps will fail.

User Acquisition & Retention are Key, and AC+A Can Help

AC+A has been in the business since 2008, and we’ve worked with the biggest mobile app and game developers in the business, including Capcom, EA, The Pokemon Company, Lego, and Microsoft Game Studios. Our integrated team of consultants works as an extension of your team to improve your customer conversion, app usability, and overall impact. We are user acquisition & retention experts, and we’re eager to help you realize your product’s full potential.