A game workshop is a great way to help you and your crew improve their game development and design abilities. Attending game workshops, or organizing your own, helps grow your knowledge. Plus, it’s a good way to get some play time in.

Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) is experienced in delivering fantastic on-site game workshops that cover the best and latest software, techniques, and tricks. Best of all, these game workshops can happen at your office or headquarters.

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What are Game Workshops?

Game workshops cover the practical and theoretical foundations of game design and production. Game workshops aim to help attendees build a solid understanding of industry roles, like producer, programmer, technical artist, technical designer, level designer, and gameplay designer. Some of the things you’ll learn include game conceptualization, navigating marketing and licensing matters, iterating, testing, and prototyping.

AC+A can help you organize a two day, on-site game workshop for your team, with customized workshop materials and an intensive focus to help you better understand game development.

Let AC+A Organize Game Workshops for Your Team

At AC+A, we believe that your success is our success. That’s why we strive to deliver some of the most comprehensive game programming instruction available through on-site game workshops. We’ll ensure that you and your team learn how to properly program and design games in a cost-effective manner that maximizes your long-term success.

Having worked with companies such as Capcom, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft Game Studios, you can be sure that our team comprises accomplished and experienced industry veterans. We have been down this road since 2008 and have crafted hundreds of on-site game workshops from planning to completion.