Marketing should begin the moment you start planning your game or app, because marketing is a crucial part of every phase of app development, release, and longevity. Figuring out how to get users on board, how to encourage players to keep playing, even what features and genre you should be pursuing; a good marketing strategy can make that all much more clear.

Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) provides winning mobile app and game marketing solutions that will lead to successful launches and drive continued success after release.

Marketing An App Cover

What’s Involved in App/Game Marketing?

Marketing is easy enough to explain: it is about attracting buyers to your product to turn a profit. When it comes to mobile apps and games, good marketing is important to help you stand out in an extremely competitive marketplace.

Modern marketing takes much more time, thought, and effort than ever before. Goals must be realistic, measurable, and specific. Success is not a given, it’s a potential result that requires putting serious resources into marketing. AC+A can help direct these resources and maximize your chances at success in the rapidly evolving mobile marketplace.

Marketing a Game or App? We Can Help!

Many companies tend to overlook app-specific nuances in a misguided attempt to reach their objectives sooner. This is where AC+A comes in. Our app and game marketing consultants will make sure you do not miss any important steps when marketing your product. We have been providing  marketing solutions since 2008, and have helped the likes of Facebook, Ubisoft, EA, and other notable developers and publishers. At AC+A, we know what makes for successful marketing campaigns, and we will bring that knowledge to you.