You want your team to gain valuable insight into game design and game design concepts, the basic tools of game design, paper and digital prototyping, user testing, design iteration, and more. To that end, you want to conduct a game design training workshop to train all your team members at one go, but you need help organizing the workshop and deciding what to focus on.

That’s where we come in. Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) knows all about planning and running highly educational, highly effective game design training workshops.

Game Design Training Workshops
Game Design Training Workshops Cover

What are Game Design Training Workshops?

Game design encompasses various fields, including programming, graphic design, probability/math, encounter balancing, competitive balancing, and level design, to name a mere few. Game design training workshops aim to teach developers and publishers the ins and outs of game design, from the basic building blocks to marrying artistic vision with business goals.

Through AC+A’s game design training workshops, your team will learn all about game mechanics, how to incorporate different game concepts from multiple perspectives, and how to design prototype games via an iterative design process.

Choose AC+A for Your Team’s Game Design Training Workshops

AC+A knows mobile gaming, and we’re the best choice to make your game design training workshops immensely rewarding (and fun, to boot). We know all about 2D and 3D game design in a variety of engines (Unreal, 3ds Max, Maya, Unity, etc.) and other game design components such as scripting, prop creation, and level/character design. We can cover everything from planning/prototyping to post-release support and freemium monetization, and so much more.

Our company was founded in 2008 and our game design training workshops have benefited big names such as Capcom, Facebook, Atari, and Five One Nine Games. Our consultants will  work closely with your team to tailor a workshop that aligns with your business goals without sacrificing your creative ideals.