You want to improve your existing app or game, but aren’t sure where to start. You have reasonable goals in mind: increased customer engagement, a review of your app’s scalability and efficiency, potential opportunities for international release, and other goals. What you need is existing app consulting, and from experienced mobile consultants that can maximize your odds of meeting these goals.

That’s where Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) comes in: we provide winning existing app consulting solutions that will help you take your app or game to the next level.

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What is Existing App Consulting?

No matter how massive an app or game is, existing app consulting is designed to evaluate the overall app experience, app store discoverability, and feedback loop. One may also opt for existing app consulting to discover best practices for facilitating in-app communication. Proper consultation, like the kind AC+A provides, will give you much-improved insight on how to increase your app’s ratings, customer revenue, customer retention, and overall quality.

AC+A Can Help You with Your Existing App Consulting Needs

AC+A prides itself on delivering existing app consulting services you can count on. Some of the areas we cover for existing app consulting include cloud solution strategies, information architecture revamps, user experience auditing, new methodology development, and much more. With an excellent talent pool of experienced mobile game and app consultants, AC+A can help you, as we have hundreds of leading mobile game and app developers like Facebook, Capcom, Ubisoft, EA Sports, and Microsoft.