Carving out a budget for your product’s design, development, and launch is smart thinking. Regardless, it can be difficult to project the long term costs of maintaining an app.

At Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A), we provide top-notch app maintenance consultation solutions that will ensure your app or game better reaches both current users and new customers. Our app maintenance consultants will ensure your app systems are running on a framework that can be scaled with ease and, if necessary, integrated with other frameworks.

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What is App Maintenance?

App maintenance is the process of planning for and implementing fixes, improvements, and updates in your app or game. The main goal of app maintenance is to ensure your product’s long term success. There are several key considerations, including marketing performance, technology integration management, performance optimization, server management, scalability, and infrastructure.

Improper app maintenance not only hurts your product’s long term success, it makes users wary of trusting your future offerings. That’s why expert app maintenance consulting, like the kind provided by AC+A, is essential.

Why is AC+A the Right Choice to Assist with App Maintenance?

Maintaining an app is critical to its overall success; you’ll need to prepare for every conceivable eventuality. If you have no idea about how to maintain a mobile app or game, do not fret as AC+A’s team of skilled consultants can guide you through the various stages of app maintenance.

AC+A was founded in 2008 and has worked with many of the biggest names in mobile games and apps, including Zynga, Microsoft, The Pokemon Company, LEGO, and Facebook. We can handle your app maintenance in a personalized way that ensures your creative vision and business needs are both met.