Your team has gathered tons of raw data; a good thing! But are you turning that raw information into actionable data?

Many businesses make the mistake of not extracting real business value from the data they have collected, created, and stored. What’s more, the volume of data is growing, and becoming more complex, in the IoT’s machine-driven world.

Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) can help make sense of it all. We provide exceptionable actionable data solutions that help you break down raw data and turn it to your company’s advantage.

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What is Actionable Data?

In data analytics, actionable data refers to information that can be acted upon to provide sufficient insight into the future for key decision makers.

Actionable data answers not just what, but also the why, the when, and the where. Actionable benefits many organizations, from big enterprises to small companies that need to compete in a tight, competitive business environment.

Actionable Data is Crucial, and AC+A Can Help

Founded in 2008, AC+A has many years of experience helping app developers and designers perform analytics and correlation on complex data sets. Our actionable data consulting covers completion statuses, response times, and other key metrics. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you can draw usable conclusions and take the appropriate actions. Since our inception, our actionable data consultants have worked with companies such as Facebook, Atari, Capcom, and Microsoft. We have helped them, and we can help you!