It does not matter if your game or app is enjoyable and feature-rich if its user interface is a mess. A thoughtful, well-designed UI may be all that stands between your product and success. This should be planned out before you even begin coding, but it is not too late to make improvements to your existing apps and games.

Adrian Crook & Associates specializes in user interface consultation, providing stellar UI consulting solutions that will accurately reflect your design requirements and enhance your product’s usability and appeal.

User Interface
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What is a User Interface?

An app or game’s user interface (UI) is its bridge between users and functionality. UI elements include buttons, sliders, drop down boxes, text prompts, and more specialized elements like a mobile game’s HUD.

Strong UI design makes the app experience seamless: your users get to where they need to go intuitively, with little to no need for a tutorial; your game gets players playing sooner, with little confusion on how to start playing and what the rules are; your enterprise app leads to verifiable productivity increases thanks to an impeccably designed user interface.

AC+A Excels at User Interface Consulting

AC+A was founded in 2008 and we stay up to date with the latest best practices on user interface design. Our team works closely with our clients to assess their users’ tendencies, preferences, skills, and goals. Some of our UI expertise includes using typography to establish clarity and hierarchy, strategic use of texture and color, creation of meaningful page layouts, and maintaining consistency between UI elements. Since our inception, we have worked with prestigious clients such as Facebook, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Capcom, and Microsoft Game Studios.