Even the most intuitive, accessible apps will not be universally understood, and this is where a tutorial can help. Whether it’s for novice gamers who want to experience your game, less tech-savvy users of your hotel and travel booking app, or even power users looking for a refresher, good tutorials make great software even better.

Tutorial design is something Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) excels at, including all the associated documentation, QA best practices, and more. We provide top-notch tutorial design solutions that will help you create clear and concise instructions for your valuable consumers.

Tutorial Design
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What is Tutorial Design?

Tutorial design is the process of creating usable documentation for an app or game. “Usable” is the key here: a tutorial must actually help ease a user into an app in a logical, holistic way, and that often is not simply a raw instruction manual.

Tutorial design aims to craft the best possible tutorials for the software in question, which means a unique solution for distinct apps and a clear understanding of an app’s target audience. For example, a hardcore game will require different tutorial design than a casual freemium title, and an enterprise CRM/help desk app needs a specialized tutorial that will not apply to an app that helps people find a new restaurant to try.

AC+A Excels at Tutorial Design for Apps and Games

Whether you need to create quick start tutorials for users who need to hit the ground running or simple demonstrations for typical use, AC+A can help with your tutorial design. Since 2008 we have assisted hundreds of leading mobile app and game companies with their tutorial design needs, including big names like Facebook, Capcom, LEGO, Atari, Ubisoft, and Playmotion. AC+A will craft a tutorial design solution that aligns with your business goals and client base.