Prototyping your app or game helps cut down unexpected costs, minimizes risks, and gives you something to show potential investors and business partners.

At Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A), we provide industry-leading consultation solutions for prototypes. We can help you clarify how your product will look and feel, how to drive down development costs, and give your stakeholders confidence in the app you’re building.

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What are Prototypes?

Prototypes in app and game development are designed to simulate one or more aspects of the final product, though it’s likely that not all features from the prototyping process will make it to the final stage. Prototypes offer a wide range of benefits: users can provide valuable feedback to the app developer or designer early in the project, gain insight into the accuracy of initial project estimates, and instill confidence in investors and other stakeholders.

The most common kinds of prototyping include extreme prototyping, incremental prototyping, evolutionary prototyping, and throwaway prototyping; AC+A is well-versed in all of them and can help you decide which is best.

Let AC+A Help with Your App Prototypes

No one wants to face unexpected surprises during their app development processes, and that’s why AC+A will work with you to develop eye-opening, confidence-building app prototypes. Since 2008 we have helped each of our clients realize their distinct vision through interactive, high fidelity prototypes. Whether you need to create prototypes that work on a desktop or mobile device, we can aid you in addressing important use cases. AC+A has served big name clients like Facebook, Capcom, Microsoft Game Studios, and The Pokemon Company, and we can help you too.