Competitive mobile games, appropriately enough, face stiff competition from other competitive games. The e-sports market is broader than ever, with the potential for significant earnings, but it will take a finely-tuned game to pay dividends, and the key is metagame design.

Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) is no stranger to the competitive gaming market. We understand everything it takes to succeed, from variety in gameplay to consistency in results so that players and spectators feel decisions are fair. Our metagame design consultation solutions will help you put out a competitively attractive and long-lasting game.

Metagame Design

What is Metagame Design?

In every good competitive game, there are many factors that determines the winner, and one factor in particular is largely unseen, an intangible that every player and spectator feels regardless. That factor is the metagame, the relationship a game’s elements, decisions, actions, strategy, and play styles have with each other that forms the basis of competitive gameplay.

The metagame is “the game behind the game,” and the process of crafting and tuning that metagame is metagame design. Game designers and developers strive to get metagame design right when creating their competitive systems, because this is where one can find a lot of emergent fun.

Metagame Design

Metagame Design is Crucial, and AC+A Can Help

AC+A has been in the business since 2008. We understand what competitive players want: a game that allows them to use a variety of viable strategies and styles, while feeling fair and making their victories impactful. We’ll analyze every part of your game, finding ways to improve the metagame design for maximum player retention and longevity. Since our inception, we have worked with prominent game developers including Capcom, Microsoft Game Studios, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and more.