You plan to create an app that accepts digital currency to facilitate payments for goods and services. However, you do not know which digital currency platform is most ideal for your needs, nor what the industry best practices are. This is where Adrian Crook & Associates (AC+A) comes in. We are an industry-leading app design and development consultancy that specializes in many aspects of app and game design, including digital currency.

Digital Currency

What is Digital Currency?

The term digital currency is no longer shrouded in mystery like it once was. Digital currency is simply a form of virtual currency that is stored and created via electronic means. Digital currency can be something that only works in one or more apps and games, or it can be full-blown cryptocurrency like BitCoin or LiteCoin.

Like traditional money, digital currency can be used to purchase physical services and goods. In most cases, digital currencies are restricted to specific communities such as for use within social networks or online games. Digital currency can either be centralized or decentralized. There’s a lot to know, and AC+A can help you figure it all out.

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Let AC+A Assist with Your Digital Currency Needs

AC+A was founded in 2008, and since our inception we have been helping our clients with their digital currency solutions. Armed with experience working with established companies such as LEGO, Capcom, Ubisoft, Microsoft Game Studios, Zynga, and more, we are able to bring a professional, tried-and-true approach to your unique digital currency needs. Give us a shout and let’s talk about your project.