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* ENDS ON MAY 9th, 2018*

Prop Hunts at Camp Crystal Lake
Prop Hunts at Camp Crystal Lake banner

Puzzle Fighters


Why Play?  Capcom could have very easily taken the same path that many IP-heavy puzzle fighting games have recently. However, avoiding the match-three gameplay, and instead opting for a Tetris-like puzzle style, sets Puzzle Fighter apart. Match blocks of the same color to execute attacks against your opponents. Collect a vast catalog of Capcom characters (this is not just a Street Fighter Game!) from Ace Attorney, to Dead Rising, and beyond!

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Prop Hunts at Camp Crystal Lake banner

Returner 77

Fantastic, Yes

Why Play?  True to the name of their studio, Returner 77 is fantastic, we assure you. Thispremium title is the best parts of Myst (the classic first-person puzzle mystery game), mixed with aHalo or Destiny vibe. There is a wide variety of puzzles to solve, and quite possibly some impending doom to subvert. Beyond what we normally expectfrom puzzle games on mobile, Returner 77 is a title that you’d expect to pay $40 for on Steam.

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Prop Hunts at Camp Crystal Lake banner

Hide Online

HitRock Games

Why Play?  Born in the depth of Half-Life’s Garry’s Mod, prop hunt gameplay is simple, and insanely fun. A group of players hides throughout a map as general universe-matching objects — with the ability to change appearance — and one player goes through the world trying to find and shoot the items that are actually other people. Hide Online, while generally shallow in its current iteration, is the best of Prop Hunt, with a clean and delicious art style.

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Prop Hunts at Camp Crystal Lake banner

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Blue Wizard Digital

Why Play?   Last week, the beloved chance encounter with a Friday the 13th occurred, and to celebrate Blue Wizard released their follow-up to Slayaway Camp themed after the murderous adventures of Jason Vorhees. Struggle through an ever-more-difficult selection of straight line puzzles to ensure that no camper leaves alive. This game is quirkycolorful, and has a ton of unlockables to keep you retrying levels.

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