EVENT – F2P Strategy on Steam (PC)

Maxime Villeneuve, the Senior Design Associate at Adrian Crook & Associates, dives into the key features and considerations in bringing the freemium game monetization model to Steam and Consoles. During the presentation, Maxime explains why the freemium model is so compelling to many studios, why Steam and consoles are such powerful markets for these games, and what are the basic building blocks required to create a freemium hit.

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Never Running Out Of Steam
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Digital Extremes

Why Play? Warframe should be your game to study if you’re ever trying to answer the question: “when do we give up?” To which Warframe will respond with “If you believe in what you’re making, the answer is never to give up.” This unique third-person sci-fi shooter came and went at launch. Little fanfare fizzled quickly. But the team at Digital Extremes took their dedication to their concept to a new level, emerging from the ruins of their launch, and nurtured a die-hard fanbase with one of the most meticulously crafted living games in history. There are plenty of very obvious reasons why Warframe just couldn’t die. It’s a must play.

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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Codename Entertainment

Why Play?  Codename made a … name … for themselves with their ability to craft a perfect Idle RPG game in Crusaders of the Lost Idols. Off the back of that continually performing title, Codename was given the opportunity to work with Dungeons & Dragons, and the extremely popular RPG property The Forgotten Realms. With it, they’ve painstakingly designed the absolute top tier of idle games in Idle Champions, and continue to not only cater to the gamers already sold, but also give fans of the IP the content they deserve. Idle Champions is the prime example of how to handle an established and beloved universe, without leaving your identity as game developers behind.

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Stunlock Studios

Why Play? In a world of MOBAs (League of Legends and DOTA 2 to name a few), Battlerite sought to simplify the genre, and turn the gameplay style into a deathmatch. Stunlock has crafted a small arena, for amazingly designed champions to duke it out. There is a ton of variable gameplay here — which is an exemplary achievement considering the repetitious game-type — and it’s difficult to get bored with the obviously different feel to each hero. Battlerite is constantly updated with better graphics and new heroes. It has managed to carve a niche following away from the general global hype of the MOBA scene.

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Radical Heights

Boss Key Productions

Why Play?  Often times mimicry is the most poignant form of flattery. In some cases, it will feel like a blatant money grab. Boss Key has purchased their ticket on the Battle Royale hype-train in the right way. Radical Heights, unlike others, is attempting to advance and adapt the BR genre. With an astoundingly fun and radical themesubtle changes to the standard BR gameplay, and most importantly it’s currently FREE. There are no plans to make the game paid, instead (like Fortnite) they will use in-game purchases to finance the project. It’s in “X-Treme Early Access” but is getting enough in the way of updates, and content to keep people entertained.

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