Starting with a fresh IP is a difficult thing to pitch to a board. Doing their proper fiduciary duties, many globally successful studios are turning to established or nostalgic properties to hit things out of the park on mobile.

Just read this list of current soft-launch games via and it’s easy to see that recognizable franchises are one of a handful of reliable ways to climb charts and get eyes on your game. Here are four picks that include great punch and kick experiences on mobile all while using popular intellectual properties.

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Intellectual Properties Have Strength on Mobile – To No One’s Surprise
Intellectual Properties Have Strength on Mobile – To No One’s Surprise banner

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

PerBlue Entertainment

Why Play?  The number one game on the RPG charts, this new and amazing battle game is an IP-heavy powerhouse. Disney has left their doors open, seeing a ton of their currently popular characters fall out. In a proper attempt to evolvethe gameplay introduced by Portal Quests, and other idle-battle RPGs, Battle Mode has you collect, upgrade, and level-up your group of heroes, sending them on an insanely large amount of missions. The battle system is idle, but it does ask the player to watch and be ready to initiate supers. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, much like its predecessors is a title that you will truly enjoy putting many hours into.

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Intellectual Properties Have Strength on Mobile – To No One’s Surprise banner

Injustice 2

Warner Bros.

Why Play?  Console ports aren’t a subject that you would have paid too much attention to in years past. Now, however, we have titles like Fortnite steadily making millions on iOS, and fighting games likeInjustice 2 doing a surprisingly great service to the console version. The goal here is never to replace the home console version, but rather add to the fandom and experience by giving players a simmered version of said game. Injustice 2 take that a step further by ensuring stunning graphical fidelity on mobile, the complete cast of DC characters, and full story campaign. Since the revolutionary controls developed by Kabam for Contest of Champions, fighting games that adopted the input on mobile have felt amazing, and Injustice 2 follows that trend. Warner Bros isn’t about to squander their DC Comics contract and Injustice IP.

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Intellectual Properties Have Strength on Mobile – To No One’s Surprise banner

Forged to Fight


Why Play?  Coming off the success of their still highly ranked Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam snapped up another globally recognized IP in Transformers. Forged to Fight builds on the structure and popularity cemented by the revolutionization of fighting controls on a touchscreen (as the studio did with their Marvel outing), and kicks the graphics and visual presentation to 11 with extremely smooth, and stylized robot models. The scale of this game leaps from the screen in an enticing and rewarding one-vs-one experience.  With in-depth story campaignsplayer vs players modes, and comfortable UIForged to Fight is far more than re-skin of Kabam’s Marvel title. It’s a distinct display of growth in development.

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Intellectual Properties Have Strength on Mobile – To No One’s Surprise banner

Power Rangers:
Morphin Missions


Why Play?   Inarguably one of our favorite games on mobile right now, Morphin Missions is the action-idle-RPG we never knew we wanted, but are so glad we got. StoryToys sets a new bar here, with their depth of character growthsmoothness of gameplay, and absolutely flawless “Power Rangers” presentation. This game does a lot of things right, but it does one thing better than anything else on the platform; the menus and UI/UX are so perfectly crafted to feel authentic to the IP, it’s mind-blowing. Mission gameplay is generally simple (though there is a huge list of levels to play) and consists of beautifully intuitive inputs that include tap and drag anywhere for a virtual joystick, tap enemies to attack (or auto-attack those attacking you), and only having on-screen buttons/display for the special power moves and cooldowns. With a stronger IP, this game could have been the best mobile game ever made.

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