Next week is GDC, and we all know how busy that is going to be. We wanted to extend some time for meetings (especially on the Monday, March 19th) with YOU!


Meticulous planning is the only way to ensure you get the best out of your time in San Francisco — so don’t forget to use the GDC PLANNER to ease your mind.

To further assist with your upcoming jam-packed week, here are four titles that have changed the game with their minimalism, and simple tweaks to common tropes.

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Why Play? Feeling bored? Monogolf could very well be the only sure-fire slayer of said boredom. It seems simple, as everything does on this list, but there’s a near endless loop here. With only one shot, you’ve got to sink a “putt” through some of the most wickedly creative, yet graphically minimalist, golf holes you’ll ever come up against. When that becomes not enough, there’s a full creation suite here that lets you put together your own holes. Challenge friends, challenge yourself, defeat your boring commute.

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Little Alchemy 2


Why Play? With their now legendary art-style, Recloak has absolutely done it again with Little Alchemy 2, the follow-up to their creation game that took the world by storm just a few years ago. Think Minecraft, but purely the magic of combining things in order discover new creations. Simplicity at it’s finest, the UI/UX is clean and beautiful, the creations are adorably minimalistic, and the soundtrack is so awesome that you might just leave playing in your ears when you’re done.

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Really Bad Chess

Noodlecake Studios Inc.

Why Play? Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, huh? But did you know that one of the oldest games known to humankind could feel crazy and fresh again? Really Bad Chess might have an apt title — as there is very little “real chess” in this game — but the word “bad” is a complete misdirection. RBC serves up challenging chess-adjacent gameplay, with a minimal art-styleclean UX, and Ranked play. More of a puzzle game, RBC has the same goal as chess, but each team it given completely randomized chess pieces. It can get crazy, but it is never boring.

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Leo De Sol Games

Why Play?  A zen-like experience, Lines is a fabulously quick and simple game that feels like making or editing art, and it surprisingly satisfying. There’s no fluff here. Just bright colors on white backgrounds, and string instruments coming to life as dots are placed and lines collide. The goal is to make the longest line. Up against pre-placed starting dots, you’ve got to place one (or more) dots the lead to your color taking up the most space. There’s a pay-wall here, that is very much worth the few bucks to remove in-app ads, otherwise, it is the simplest bit of joy you could put in your pocket.

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