Gree Retreats from the West

Closing San Francisco, Melbourne, and Berlin Studios

Gree was founded in Japan back in 2004, but didn’t make a major swing into the international marketplace until 2011 with it’s group Gree International. Since then, it has had a pretty large impact in the west, partnering with Chinese publishing giant Tencent, buying studios like OpenFient and Funzio, and launching a handful of very strong titles. Even though a “downscaling” had begun earlier this year, the complete withdraw from the Western market comes as a bit of a surprise.

“We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has worked for or with Gree International since we founded operations there in 2011,” said Gree CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka, as reported by Venturebeat.

Gree International is well known for hit mobile titles like Knights & Dragons, Crime City, and the recently acquired Dragonsoul.

“We’re proud of the entertainment experiences we’ve launched in Western markets, and look forward to the next chapter as we focus on publishing our most successful Japanese titles in the West.”
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Compulsion Loop #83: Gree Retreats from the Western Freemium Space as Futurama and South Park hit Mobile banner

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

TinyCo, Inc.

Why Play? character-based city-builder akin to “Simpsons: Tapped Out”, Worlds of Tomorrow has a lot more to offer than most. Exploration with role-playing elements and a very simple 16-bit combat system add variety to an established genre. The game is filled with Futurama-worthy crazinesshilarious dialog and is very true to the series – making it feel like an episode of its own. If you can stand the rapidly scaling wait time between actions, Worlds of Tomorrow is a great game that is sure to please any Futurama fan.

– Maxime Villeneuve | @AdrianCrookInc

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Compulsion Loop #83: Gree Retreats from the Western Freemium Space as Futurama and South Park hit Mobile banner

South Park: Phone Destroyer

Ubisoft Entertainment

Why Play? This absolute gem of a mobile game is the third Ubisoft developed title on my list of near flawless mobile games. Phone Destroyer is playing off the success from Ubisoft’s console RPGs with the South Park ip, and it doesn’t pull punches. While the console games poke at tropes on those play forms (and in pop culture), Phone Destroyer does an astounding job of implementing–yet insulting–nearly every core mechanic in mobile gaming today. It’s rude, it’s crass, it’s not for everybody, but it IS a perfectly tuned, self-aware adventure on the go. Featuring card collectingplayer customizationsquad-battlesnode level progressionupgrades, and the humor we’ve come to expect from this colorful cast of characters.

– Wyatt Fossett | @W_Fossett

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Compulsion Loop #83: Gree Retreats from the Western Freemium Space as Futurama and South Park hit Mobile banner



Why Play? Windin is a breath of fresh air (pun intended) in the relatively stale Match-3 genre. The game utilizes wind direction as part of its gameplay mechanic. Players try to place tiles on the board, which may blow in another direction. The innovative gameplay, coupled with the cute and accessible art style, makes this a game for a wide demographic of players. The only thing missing is a true sense of player’s progression, so it remains to be seen how long this game will stick around following the initial burst of the “New Games we Love” featuring by Apple.

– Peter Knudson | @PeteKnudson

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Compulsion Loop #83: Gree Retreats from the Western Freemium Space as Futurama and South Park hit Mobile banner

SIEGE: Titan Wars

Game Alliance

Why Play?  At first glance, Siege: Titan Wars appears to be yet another Clash Royale clone–it’s meta-game very much mirrors that sentiment. However, the changes made to the core gameplay–which leans more towards a MOBA feel–make it much more interesting. In addition to the card collecting, and unit upgrading that we’ve come to expect, Siege adds Hero units (or Titans.) Which feels very much like the champions in popular MOBA titles. Siege mixes up the playstyle enough to take it from simply a lane-battler to something much deeper and intriguing. Couple that with great art and effects, and you’ve got a solid pivot from the norm. Fans of the genre and newcomers alike would do well to take a look.

– Chris Cervantes  | @SaveVsFail

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